Anonymous: Why what happened?

So I went to shoot Miley tonight…

1. I wasn’t allowed in the venue until after the support act.

2. I was supposed to be shooting from the sound desk which is behind a barrier and slightly elevated so the photographers don’t have to battle with hands and tall fuckers, and they wouldn’t let us in there (even though that’s where we were told to go) so we had to shoot from in the middle of the fucking crowd.

3. It’s a general rule that photographers get the first three songs and then have to leave, we were forced to leave after two songs (even though, once again, we were told we had three)

4. When I left to put my camera gear in the car and go back in for the rest of the show, I was told I wasn’t allowed back in and had to leave (that’s horse shit, photographers and reviewers are/should always be allowed back in the venue after putting camera gear away).

5. I drove 45 minutes to the venue, to only be allowed inside for 10.

I’m pissed off, Adelaide Entertainment Centre can suck my dick.

Adelaide entertainment centre can suck my dick.


Look, I know things can seem bleak under Tony Abbott, even hopeless at times. But there is *always* hope. Don’t forget, in 1967, we had a prime minister just *entirely disappear* with no warning when they went swimming! Tony loves to swim! IT COULD HAPPEN AGAIN! DON’T EVER GIVE UP HOPE!

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