Do you ever have that moment when you look back on something you did or didn’t do, or something, someone you let go of, and you think ‘wow I really fucked that up, I could have been so happy’? Yeah, feelin a whole lotta that right now.

Leaving you behind was like having my arm amputated. I know it was bruised and broken and fucked up beyond repair and it needed to go, but it was still my fucking arm. It was still you.
― i hope you know this changes nothing
katey chrest  (via loserdyke)

(Source: thinly)

I hope you know this time’s for good.

Wouldn’t come back now even if I could.

Anonymous: why are you the worst?

I just do and say a whole lot of really fucking stupid things sometimes.

I am the worst fucking human.

And now it all makes sense. This is how it’s supposed to feel.

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